Engineering and Operations Consulting

As new challenges arise, reach out to an experienced guide who’s been there.

• From getting your first product right to establishing a global manufacturing and support strategy

• From building your first business plan to giving investors and lenders confidence in your vision

• From cutting costs to increasing output

We can provide seasoned leadership for your internal resources, or complete key deliverables with minimal guidance from your busy team.


Bringing new products to market

  • Product Design and Development
  • Manufacturing process and equipment
  • Product and Project cost reduction
  • Manufacturing and Execution Strategy
  • Product Testing: Proof of performance and reliability

Business Planning

  • Develop internal budgets and business plans.
  • Developing alternative scenarios for key business risks and opportunities.
  • Help in the preparation of Investor communications.
Consulting Meeting focused on a specific program or project and its management. Leadership Team gathered around a brown desk is reviewing reports on paper as well as on a laptop.

ProJECT and Program Management

  • Transform your vision into a detailed and realistic step-by-step plan to achieve it.
  • Provide a platform to coordinate across functions, regions and organizational barriers to ensure flawless execution of process.
  • Design and Deploy fit-for-purpose tools to track progress.
  • Implement strategies to improve overall performance in the projects and processes in each stage of the product life cycle.

Due Diligence

  • Prepping for Investor or M&A diligence by others
  • Conducting Technical and Operational Diligence
Consulting Meeting with Integration Advantage focused on Due Diligence. Corporate Team Members reviewing infographics, charts, and data at a conference table.
Ben Bierman providing consulting support to top level executives. He is seen here sitting in an office talking to a CEO about Operations and Engineering leadership recruiting.

Interim Executive: Engineering and Operations

  • Quickly fill critical positions while you search for permanent hires from Engineering Manager to COO.
  • Retain and develop internal talent.
  • When you find the right person, ensure a smooth transition and successful onboarding. 


Ben Bierman consultant and founder of Integration Advantage is seen standing outside wearing a Blue Jacket and surrounded by trees and nature in the Pacific Northwest.

Ben Bierman

Ben has been involved in bringing new products to market and growing businesses since the early 1980’s. He has been responsible for design and production of computer-printer ribbons, semiconductor capital equipment, lasers, solar panels, and EPC execution of massive thermal solar plants. Ben has led selection, design and buildout of factories and facilities around the world and played a key role in raising over $2B of Private Equity, Debt and Project Investment by developing clear, thorough and practical execution plans and technical diligence materials for companies, projects and products.

From 1995 to 2018, he led engineering and operations for a number of Silicon Valley businesses. His responsibilities have included managing teams and collaborating with customers and suppliers throughout the US, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. He has held P&L responsibility at Fortune 500 companies like Applied Materials and Coherent. Ben has twice grown the operations and engineering functions of startup companies from a handful of people to hundreds of employees with over $100M in annual sales. As the Engineering and Technology Director at Applied Materials, Ben led hundreds of scientists and engineers engaged in developing equipment that is at the leading edge of semiconductor manufacturing technology. As GlassPoint Solar’s VP of Engineering, he was responsible for productization of that company’s revolutionary thermal-solar collector and establishing a global supply chain that included a wholly owned factory in China. Ben served as GlassPoint’s COO for over five years and was appointed Interim CEO in 2017.

Ben founded Integration Advantage after relocating to Vancouver, Washington to offer his expertise to start-up and growth-stage companies in the Pacific Northwest.

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